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Peugeot E308 SW – Time to put the boot in I’m afraid…….

Peugeot E308 SW - Time to put the boot in I'm afraid.......

Video by AutoEV via YouTube

Although the 5 door version of Peugeot’s electric 308 had to make way for the Renault Megane and MG4 in a recent triple test, there is one advantage that might just stand the Peugeot apart – the fact that you can have it as an estate. So, to find out if this helps address a lot of the issues we felt hampered the hatchback, Bryan put the new SW (station wagon) through a standalone road test review to find out if this is the pick of the new 308 range.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
01:29 – Titles
01:37 – Meet the car
04:42 – Styling
10:01 – Practicality
12:10 – Interior
20:56 – Usability
22:05 – Performance & Handling
30:38 – Pricing
32:!3 – Competition
33:59 – Pros & Cons
34:46 – Summary

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