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Pikes Peak race car Ep11 – Bodywork

Pikes Peak race car Ep11 - Bodywork

Video by Electric Classic Cars via YouTube
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Time for another update on BugZappa, the 1000hp 4 wheel drive Tesla powered race car. It may look like a humble VW Beetle but a Volkswagen it is not. It’s a Voltswagen!

In this episode our new sponsor for the race car – Mouser Electronics. A massive thanks to them for helping us make this project a reality. Make sure you check out their website for all your electronics components needs.

Since the last episode we’ve upgraded the power steering, moved the front Tesla motor 4 inches forward, along with the pedal box, which meant we also had to move the steering system forward too. All this means that taller drivers can now fit in the car comfortably. The bodywork is now all on the car too. The AP racing calipers are on the rear along with Wilwood EPB calipers as a parking brake. Allipsort has made some high performance radiators for the front and rear. The front radiator cools the batteries, the larger rear one cools the motors/inverters.

Aero is the next on the to-do list. But the main question is do we go paint or wrap?

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