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Polestar Giving 2022 an Electrifying Upgrade

Polestar Giving 2022 an Electrifying Upgrade

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
Polestar Giving 2022 an Electrifying Upgrade

Join me for the Grand Opening Event for Polestar’s new location in Minnesota! We’ll check out the new showroom, hear from the Mayor of St. Louis Park, and Ross Marcus, the Space Manager about why this new location is an electrifying upgrade for EV shoppers. From test drives of the popular Polestar 2 to visualizing the Polestar 3 in augmented reality, the Polestar Minneapolis team is making the most of their new home.

For more information, or to find your nearest showroom, visit:

0:00 Polestar aligns with community sustainability goals
1:46 Focus on customer experience
4:00 The grand opening event
4:50 Polestar 3 in augmented reality (AR) and expected arrival in US
6:35 Test drives in the new space or at home
7:24 Service, delivery, and wait times
8:12 Polestar 2 details price and range

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