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Polestar vs Tesla Does It Have Automatic Wiper’s?

Polestar vs Tesla Does It Have Automatic Wiper's?

Video by Nicolas Raimo via YouTube

Polestar Vs Tesla which is the car to buy? most importantly do they have automatic wippers? I know that’s not important but a recent Twitter rant by a Tesla fan accused Polestar of missing loads of things Tesla has well here’s my opinion on which I think is better seeing I own a Tesla and just bought our first Polestar 2 to sell to our good friend and customer @EVNewsDaily

00:00 Tesla Model 3 Vs Polestar 2
00:53 Which Drives better Model 3 or Polestar 2
01:58 Automatic Wippers On Tesla are Rubbish
02:58 Polestar 2 Automatic wipers
03:37 This isn’t a rant but
04:28 Polestar 2 Style over cost savings
05:35 Tesla Savings Money Vs Polestar Spending it

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