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Regional DC Fast Charging & EV Adoption | Live From New York… It’s Coast-to-Coast EVs # 11!!

Regional DC Fast Charging & EV Adoption | Live From New York... It's Coast-to-Coast EVs # 11!!

Video by Plug and Play EV via YouTube

Special guest John Markowitz, head of Emobility at the New York Power Authority, joins Eric, Walter, and Steve to discuss building out one of the nation’s largest regional fast charging networks.

In a week when the International Auto Show hits New York City and spring travel is about to get underway, EV infrastructure is about to be tested again. State-level networks like NYPA’s EVolve NY have emerged as an important piece of the charging puzzle, opening up access to routes that the national players haven’t yet focused on.

On a wider note, we’ll look at EV adoption as the first quarter of 2024 comes to a close. Will the final sales figures blow away any lingering doubts about EV demand or will we be fighting the FUD for another quarter?

Join us live at 8PM (Eastern) / 5PM (Pacific) or catch our replay the following day, including the audio-only version on Spotify, Apple Music, et al.

If you have specific questions for John, the live chat is open or you can email Hope to see you in the stream!

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