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Renault Dropped The Ball ON The Renault ZOE AGAIN!

Renault Dropped The Ball ON The Renault ZOE AGAIN!

Video by Nicolas Raimo via YouTube
Renault Dropped The Ball ON The Renault ZOE AGAIN!

Its No April fools its July 2022 and Renault are making some crazy changes to the renault zoe ze50. This includes bringing back a NON CCS rapid charge version of the Zoe ZE 50kwh and instead of calling it CCS or rapid charge they will call it a ZE50 Boost Charge they do something even crazier and that’s they decide to change the naming of the Renault Zoe model ranges dropping the known GT Line and calling it a Techno. Then making a higher spec Zoe ZE 50 and calling it Iconic is the middle line spec in the zoe. I suggest Renault bring back CCS to all cars and instead make a new shape Renault Zoe ZE50 but with a 40 kWh battery and they could either then sell a battery swap or sell the 50kwh battery and software lock it.

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00:00 Renault Zoe ZE50 News
00:27 Renault Zoe Models
01:27 Non CCS Renault Zoe Boost Charge
02:07 22kw Charging Capple EVs
03:02 Renault Zoe ZE50 New Models
04:50 Stupid Renault Model Naming
07:10 Zoe ZE50 Pricing
08:11 Zoe Sales Not As High As They Could
09:24 Renault Zoe for under £25k
10:54 Zoe ZE50 As A 40kWh Zoe Software

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