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Renault Scenic E Tech – Could this be the perfect family car…..?

Renault Scenic E Tech - Could this be the perfect family car.....?

Video by AutoEV via YouTube

Renault are on somewhat of a roll recently. Not only is the Megane one of our favourite electric cars (Bryan is still crying about his one going back to Renault) but the new 5 and hotly anticipated 4 are cars that we are just gagging to drive. But the latest electric car from the French firm is a rather sensible, and not very clever, mid-sized crossover just like everyone else has in their range. And they’ve even dug out an old name for it; Scenic. So what could this possibly offer us that we haven’t seen before? Bryan drew the short straw and flew out to Spain to find out because as always, it is the AutoEV Road Test Review that can be trusted to deliver the only verdict that you need if you are interested in buying a new electric car.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
02:05 – Titles
02:13 – Meet the car
04:47 – Styling
11:32 – Practicality
18:07 – Interior
26:30 – Usability
28:08 – Performance & Handling
37:26 – Pricing
38:44 – Competition
40:57 – Pros & Cons
41:43 – Summary

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