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Review of the Basenor Uberturbine wheel covers for the Tesla Model Y with 19″ Gemini wheels

Review of the Basenor Uberturbine wheel covers for the Tesla Model Y with 19

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

In this video I review the BASENOR wheel trims for the Tesla Model Y with 19" Gemini wheels. These wheel trims are the "Turbo" variant and are styled to look similar to the 21" Uberturbine wheels that Tesla fits to the Performance Model Y.
Basenor claim these have a 4% improvement in efficiency (-10 wh/mi) over the standard Tesla Gemini covers. So in the video I try to test that claim and they certainly do seem to improve the efficiency.
The primary purpose of a wheel cover on an EV is to improve the efficiency. Tesla owners often replace their original Gemini covers to improve the looks but also to add kerbing protection. But this often comes at the cost of efficiency and will reduce the range slightly. But these Basenor wheel trims, improves the looks, gives you edge protection to protect your alloys from kerbing and also improves the efficiency. You can’t ask better than that!

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00:00 Packing & contents
01:30 Preparation
02:49 Edge protection
03:47 Efficiency claim
04:16 Drive with Gemini covers
05:50 Rear clips
06:22 Quality
06:57 Fitting
08:04 Results after second drive
09:16 Conclusion
10:31 How to buy

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