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R&G Toys – 24V XXL UTV Assembly Tutorial

R&G Toys - 24V XXL UTV Assembly Tutorial

Video by Electric Kid Cars via YouTube
R&G Toys - 24V XXL UTV Assembly Tutorial

Assembly tutorial for the 24V XXL UTV Electric Ride On Kid Car

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Our best selling R&G Toys XXL UTV is back! This powerful UTV will surely put a smile on your kids face. It comes equipped with a robust 24 volt 9AH battery with four driving motors (60W) and all wheel suspension system. Brute force for a kid’s electric UTV!

Extra features include a hidden trunk in the rear for extra storage, comfortable handles and seats, and wide eva rubber tires for extra durability. This UTV can be used in any outdoor environment including concrete, grass, and dirt. This 24V upgraded UTV comes with features including comfortable seats, robust body kid, touchscreen MP4 Player and a premium sound system that will leave your kids in awe.

As parents, we know your kids love cars. This makes it the ideal gift for them for any occasion. A true outdoor UTV vehicle for ultimate outdoor fun, it is made with quality featuring numerous safety features such as adjustable seatbelts and a remote control to aid in adult supervision. This product is suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

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