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Rivian Driver+ Highway Assist Updated 2024 Review

Rivian Driver+ Highway Assist Updated 2024 Review

Video by Electrified Outdoors via YouTube

In this video we take an updated look at Rivian Driver+ highway assist with the latest 2024.11.2 software update to see how it performs. This is also our first test of Rivian Driver+ with reduced visibility conditions. We had light to steady rain all during our test. We looked at the performance with merging traffic, curving roads, how well it stayed within its lane lines, keeping distance from vehicle in front, lane change assist performance, and how well it did in heavier traffic situations.

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0:00 Intro
0:14 R1S Update
0:43 Driver+ Test Intro
1:05 Channel Update & Scenic Drive
5:17 I-70 Test
7:05 Lane Change Assist Demo
8:37 Merging Traffic
9:24 How To Control Speed & Follow Distance
12:06 I-270 Test (heavier traffic)
17:41 Curvy Road Performance
19:45 Slowing Traffic In Front
21:10 Final Thoughts

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