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Rivian R1T: First Drive Impressions + Guided Walkthrough

Rivian R1T: First Drive Impressions + Guided Walkthrough

Video by Plug and Play EV via YouTube
Rivian R1T: First Drive Impressions + Guided Walkthrough

As the rise of EV startup @Rivian gathers pace, with stellar reviews of the company’s first all-electric truck and the 7-seater R1S looming on the horizon, join us for a guided tour and first drive of the former, the Rivian R1T.

With the gregarious insights of our Rivian Guide, we take the R1T out for a spin around suburban Cleveland and back for a walkthrough the truck’s unique features. From the Gear Tunnel to the gut-wrenching acceleration, there’s a lot to learn about this pacey-yet-practical EV.

0:00 – Start
0:32 – Driver Settings + Profile
1:19 – Regenerative Braking/One-Pedal Driving
2:12 – Drive Modes (All Purpose)
2:50 – Performance (Sport Mode)
4:55 – Looks + Brand
5:18 – Conserve Mode (Eco)
6:16 – Top Speed
6:40 – Towing + Parking Cameras
7:02 – Interior Controls/Features
7:42 – Vehicle Charging
8:03 – Frunk Access + Storage
8:52 – Charge Cables
9:38 – Gear Tunnel
10:50 – Bed + Tonneau
11:58 – Spare Tire Space
12:55 – Air Compressor Hose
13:09 – Rear Seats + Storage
13:50 – Summary + Rivian Future

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