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Rivian R1T Home Delivery: Features and Settings Deep Dive

Rivian R1T Home Delivery: Features and Settings Deep Dive

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube
Rivian R1T Home Delivery: Features and Settings Deep Dive

I took delivery of my 2022 Rivian R1T on September 16thn, 2022, and recorded the entire delivery process to document exactly how Rivian delivery works. My delivery agent, Shade Akinde did an awesome job of explaining all of the R1T’s features and settings.

Since Rivian uses a direct sales model, the company doesn’t use dealerships to order and deliver its vehicles. This video explains exactly how the delivery process will go for Rivian customers. It also explains all of the R1T’s settings and unique features including the gear tunnel, cargo cover, camp speaker, power outlets, air compressor, and more.

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0:00 Intro
1:11 Waiting for the R1T to arrive
3:20 The R1T arrives!
4:38 Signing the paperwork
7:06 Inside the R1T; powertrain, ride height, and drive modes
12:00 Cameras, interior storage compartments, USB-C ports, wireless phone charging
14:04 Rivian camp speaker, panoramic glass roof, music options, gear guard, access & security
20:05 Lights, access, door locks, driver+ ADAS, vehicle settings, charging lights
26:49 Connect access including Bluetooth, WiFi, garage opener, legal disclosures
28:17 Home charge settings, scheduled charging, 4 power outlets, EPA range, owners manual
33:02 Map settings, charging station locator, left steering wheel stalk functions
37:56 The exterior walkaround begins with the frunk
41:26 Tailgate, bed, tow hitch, spare tire, air compressor
47:27 Gear tunnel, towing, and payload limits
50:30 Interior storage compartments, access to the gear tunnel, flashlight, Rivian logos, wheels
55:19 Wrapup

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