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Rivian R2 Details Leak, 800v Cybertruck Charging and Model 3 Ludicrous Update

Rivian R2 Details Leak, 800v Cybertruck Charging and Model 3 Ludicrous Update

Video by EV News Daily Podcast via YouTube

Plus, stay tuned because later in the show I’ll tell you what BYD are doing to beat combustion cars in the price wars.

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Update: Tesla’s German Factory Hit by Arson, Closed Until March 17th
02:40 Rivian R2: Details Revealed Via Website Source Code
04:54 Audi Q6 E-Tron Launches as Economical Alternative to Porsche Macan EV
07:54 Lotus Emeya: Pricing for Hyper-GT in UK and EU Announced
09:53 NxuOne™ Achieves Breakthrough with Tesla Cybertruck’s Charging
16:20 Model 3 Ludicrous Edition Set for May Launch
18:18 Mercedes to Launch Electric V-Class in the U.S. by 2026
19:52 Mercedes-Benz and BMW to Boost EV Charging Network in China
21:11 China Launches Innovative EV Charging and Battery-Swapping Zone
23:44 BYD Seagull Honor Edition: New Compact EV with Enhanced Affordability
26:45 Budget Disappoints EV Sector with Missing Incentives
28:39 Stuttgart Airport Welcomes Electric Refueling Vehicle by Mercedes-Benz
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