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Rivian R2 & R3 Reveal Event Highlights

Rivian R2 & R3 Reveal Event Highlights

Video by Electrified Outdoors via YouTube

This video contains highlights of the Rivian R2 reveal event held in Laguna Beach, CA. The full event is approximately 37 minutes long and this video contains highlights to shorten things down to less than 20 minutes. The full video is available directly from Rivian at

Rivian R1S & R1T Complete Accessories List:

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Our Complete List Of Detailing Supplies:

0:00 Intro
0:50 Forever
1:05 R1
1:21 Safety
1:40 Tech Platform
1:53 Community
2:14 Service
3:02 Charging
3:57 R2
5:19 R2 Exterior
8:05 R2 Interior
9:55 R2 Design Elements
12:29 R2 Starting Price
12:38 R3 Reveal
13:35 R3 Exterior
15:02 R3 Interior
15:35 R3X Reveal
17:16 First Delivery Timing
18:00 R2 & R3 Accessories
18:20 Why Rivian Exists
18:33 Wrap Up

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