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Spacious, comfortable, and efficient? Volkswagen ID.7 full review

Spacious, comfortable, and efficient? Volkswagen ID.7 full review

Video by Andrew Till / Mr. EV via YouTube

VW’s flagship EV saloon/sedan is here, and it’s a beast! The ID.7 aims to offer a comfortable, spacious, smooth ride with enough infotainment improvements to answer some of the criticisms previous ID cars have received.

With a new motor and sleek body, VW are saying it can achieve 386 miles, and with massage seats it should ease the tension from even the most stressed road warrior.

But with a big price tag, can it compete with EVs like the Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2, and BMW i4? And does it really need to, or have VW set their sights higher?

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00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Going for a drive
05:18 – Interior
08:07 – Infotainment
10:26 – Time for a massage
11:41 – Maps
12:59 – Voice assistant
14:27 – Design and dimensions
14:58 – Boot space
16:17 – Charging speed
16:40 – Back seats
17:47 – Comparing prices
18:36 – Let’s talk efficiency
19:34 – Tell me what you think of it

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