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Sprinter Van Rocker Lockers Installation Guide | Step-By-Step DIY Tutorial | Flatline Van Co.

Sprinter Van Rocker Lockers Installation Guide | Step-By-Step DIY Tutorial | Flatline Van Co.

Video by ALL Electric ⚡️ via YouTube

Rear Locker Install Directions:

Rear Lockers:

0:00 Intro
0:20 Unboxing
1:42 Layout & Prep.
2:09 Drilling
2:36 Cutting Panel
3:48 Deburr & Clean
4:08 Paint
6:05 Locker Assembly
7:46 Final Fit & Outro

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Welcome to ALL Electric’s exclusive installation guide for Sprinter Van Rocker Lockers! In this detailed video, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to transform your van’s wasted space into practical storage using Rocker Lockers we purchased from Flatline Van Co.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, the Sprinter rear panel storage lockers, affectionately known as Rocker Lockers, offer a myriad of storage possibilities despite their compact size. From shower hoses to tool bags, these lockers provide easy access to a hidden compartment located in the rear panel of your Sprinter van.

Crafted with premium materials including an aluminum door and frame, stainless steel backing plate, and stainless steel hardware, the Rocker Lockers ensure durability and security for your stored items. The water-resistant and lockable cam latch guarantees peace of mind, while the smooth operating hinges prevent slamming and the full rubber gasket ensures a tight closure.

The installation process is designed to be DIY-friendly, complete with a drill template for precise cutting and assembly instructions that hide any cuts to the rear lower panel, leaving your van with a polished finish.

Each set of Rocker Lockers includes both passenger and driver-side lockers, providing ample storage solutions for your Sprinter van. Additionally, the 170" option comes with a stainless steel bottle opener for added convenience.

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