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Standard v Long Range convoy comparison of New 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland

Standard v Long Range convoy comparison of New 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland

Video by RSymons RSEV via YouTube
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Which should you buy? Well maybe this video will help you decide…

The main objective I wanted to find out was how the REAL range compares for each of these cars. The Standard Range is usually a bit more efficient than the Dual Motor versions so despite a smaller battery it still has impressive range.
But this is the first time we’ve driven both cars side-by-side in convoy to really get a true guage on how they compare. And the only real way to compare two electric cars is to drive them in convoy on the same roads at the same speed at the same time.

We’ll see just how efficient the Standard Range model can be but we also run through some of the other differences such as door card material (cloth v alcantara) and the different sound systems.

Which version should you buy? Well for most people probably save £10,000 (at time of writing) and just get the standard range which at £40,000 represents a bit of a bargain in my opinion! it may not be as fast but it’s still loaded with specification, performance and sound more than adequate for most, and the efficiency, range and charging speed all super impressive.

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