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Strategy or Strife? Making Sense of Tesla’s Q2 Shakeup + Roadmap | Coast-to-Coast EVs # 13

Strategy or Strife? Making Sense of Tesla's Q2 Shakeup + Roadmap | Coast-to-Coast EVs # 13

Video by Plug and Play EV via YouTube

With a fresh news story emanating from Tesla every few days, this edition of Coast-to-Coast EVs tries to make sense of the company’s recent redirection and what impact it could have on the wider EV sector.

From conflicting reports on affordable EV models to workforce reductions that include scything away much of the Supercharger team, Steve, Walter, Eric, and returning guest Darren Orange will unpack the latest, while taking your questions and comments on the topics.

Given time,we’ll also cover:
– Access to Superchargers for GM electric vehicles is looming
– Rivian plans for a public network and redesigns charging hardware
– NEVI openings in Maine and Vermont
– Anything else you chuck our way in the live chat!

So join us at the usual time on Wed. 1st May, 8PM (Eastern) / 5PM (Pacific) for another lively edition of Coast-to-Coast EVs.

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