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Subaru Solterra – 1st Look

Subaru Solterra - 1st Look

Video by EV Review Ireland via YouTube
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Subaru Solterra - 1st Look

Subaru Solterra – 1st Look

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Subaru Toyota Partnership
1:05 Front Design
1:29 Trim Levels
1:14 Wheel Arch Design
2:11 Charging Speeds
2:25 Side Design
2:47 WLTP Range
3:37 Trim Prices & Differences
4:23 Rear Design
4:41 Boot Capacity
5:21 Rear Design Cont’d
5:38 Front Interior
6:29 No frunk
7:13 Digital Rearview Mirror
7:21 Infotainment
7:24 Front Interior Cont’d
7:38 Buttons!
8:28 Central Tunnel with Drive Controls & Storage
9:30 Seats
9:38 Pano Glass Roof
9:56 Rear Interior
10:54 Conclusion
11:22 Leave a Comment
11:37 Like, Subscribe and Outro

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