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Tempted to switch to Electric for your next performance car?

Tempted to switch to Electric for your next performance car?

Video by RSymons RSEV via YouTube
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Tempted to switch to Electric for your next performance car?

I’ve always been a car enthusiast. A "Petrol Head". Always enjoyed my cars and used to get through them so much I had to make a business out of my hobby.

But once i drove electric I was hooked! Much as I like the sound of a V8 or the character of a combustion car, the sheer brutal performance and instant throttle plus bags of torque was totally addictive. Then along comes the Tesla Model 3 Performance with razor sharp handling, it changes direction like a fly! It’s probably one of the fastest cars point to point of any road car.

They were expensive but now good example likes this can be found on the used market for under £35,000. Some out there are under £30,000 even!

This car is for sale at £33,995 at the time of writing:

So if your are also a petrol head but tempted to the side of electric cars, i hope this video is useful to you. I demonstrate a journey taking me across England from Newcastle to New Milton. Does it take long to charge? Will I have to wait ages? how far does it go on a single charge? What’s the real world range of an EV? Are they expensive to run? What is company car tax like (save thousands!)?
And hopefully many more questions answered. So if you are thinking of buying a performance Audi RS3 or RS4 , BMW M3 or M2, VW Golf R perhaps or anything like that, maybe you might think twice…. If not, fair enough but I hope the video is educational anyway and might inspire you further down the line for the future.



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