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Tesla FSD Beta First Drive – Ellen

Tesla FSD Beta First Drive - Ellen

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
Tesla FSD Beta First Drive - Ellen

FSD Beta is now in wide release, and compatible Tesla vehicles are able to download and join the beta program. I had Ellie give it her first test after being a passenger with me using it for the last year. Eye opening for me to see Beta through a new driver’s eyes and see where it works best and what still needs improvement.

0:00 Setup, expectations, and safety
2:49 Off we go: first drive
7:29 A couple interventions
13:58 Residential winding roads: second drive
19:47 Neighborhoods to St. Paul: third drive
23:32 Yellow arrow confusion
26:25 Accelerator press
29:01 We survived: Ellen’s impressions
33:17 My thoughts on the drive

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