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Tesla FSD Beta First Drive – G.J.

Tesla FSD Beta First Drive - G.J.

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
Tesla FSD Beta First Drive - G.J.

FSD Beta is now in wide release, and compatible Tesla vehicles are able to download and join the beta program. My friend G.J. takes his first drive with it after minimal Tesla exposure, similar to the experience a new owner may have when purchasing or subscribing to FSD. Eye opening for me to see Beta through a new driver’s eyes and see where it works best and what still needs improvement.

0:00 ID4 Owner’s first drive with Tesla FSD
4:43 First Impressions
6:27 Second drive and a honk
13:41 Residential drive high snowbanks
17:19 Neighborhood & speed settings Drive Four
22:11 Disengage earlier than later
24:14 Feeling the responsibility of driving FSD Beta
27:26 Different driving habits
29:35 If I were buying FSD today
31:20 Stress level while testing
34:10 Our impressions of these drives

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