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Tesla FSD Beta in Wisconsin Dells Tourist City Part 3 of 3 FSD Beta 2022.12.3.20

Tesla FSD Beta in Wisconsin Dells Tourist City Part 3 of 3    FSD Beta 2022.12.3.20

Video by KmanAuto via YouTube
Tesla FSD Beta in Wisconsin Dells Tourist City Part 3 of 3    FSD Beta 2022.12.3.20

Part 3 of Tesla Full Self Drive in Wisconsin Dells, Wi the Midwest’s big Tourist City.

00:28 FSD Activated in Parking Lot
00:36 FSD Had the driving route as left, but wanted to drive straight onto the fairway Driver takeover.
00:42 FSD Activated
00:50 FSD Did a good rolling stop followed by right turn
01:10 FSD Handling the line-less road, likes to go in the middle
01:42 FSD represents the Golf Cart as a Miniature Semi-Truck!
01:55 Handled stop sign good.
02:02 Handled kid driving golf cart + group of pedestrians walking in the road pretty good! Took it’s time and handled it well.
02:12 Driver take over out of habit, as FSD was really driving in the middle and mental instinct wanted me to move it over. Re-Activated Immediately.
02:31 Rolling Stop + Right turn, was a little slow, but it did a good job
02:54 FSD Really likes waiting until the last second to move over for on-coming traffic!
03:29 Was doing so well until the curve. Went directly into the left side of the road. Driver Take-over NECESSARY!
04:00 FSD Shows a scooter rider as a VERY FAST walker. Kind of funny 😉 Right
04:05 The usual, rolling stop, right turn was very good.
05:23 Lovely! Bicycle in the road instead of the nice shiny new BIKE FREEKING PATH!
05:52 Rolling stop left turn, did a great job!
06:32 Waited it’s turn at the stop light
08:30 On this road Autopilot always liked to start at the center line and by the time we get to the end of the road, drift all the way to the curb. FSD Started doing the same, until it got to an Illegally parked vehicle and moved to the center again to go around.
09:07 Actually came to a Full Stop! Left turn was great!
09:30 An very sharp and winding road. Did great! No issues.
10:20 Navigation Complete! Arrived at the Sandrift Resort!

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FSD Beta 2022.12.3.20
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