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Tesla has over three years’ worth of Cybertruck orders and more

Tesla has over three years’ worth of Cybertruck orders

EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla Accessories – Tesla News

Demand for electric vehicles is higher than ever, and orders for Tesla’s EVs are piling on relentlessly. Even the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup, which has yet to begin production at all, has more orders than Tesla can possibly produce, according to statements from the company’s CEO.  Above: Tesla Cybertruck. Photo: Tesla Tesla h

What if ALL Corvette’s were SILENT? EV C8’s!

Brink of Speed What if ALL Corvette’s were SILENT!? #SilentCorvette #brinkofspeed #EVCorvette.



Electric vehicles

Swap2drivE is an electric mobility concept based on the battery swapping technology created by Jacques De Kegel. IDTechEx spoke to Jacques and discussed the concept, along with general opportunities and challenges brought forth by swapping.

CUPRA Urban Rebel – 1st Impressions of VW Group’s Small EV

EV Review Ireland CUPRA Urban Rebel – 1st Impressions of VW Group’s Small EV Derek Reilly from EV Review Ireland has a 1st look at the concept …


Tesla EV News June 7th 2022, Tesla Cybertruck Look• Tesla Diner• Fisker On Time• Lucid Financing

Electrek Daily Watch a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and …

MYP – April/May OD July/September EDD

Tesla Motors Club

So, decided to make a specific late April Early May OD for MYP’s specifically. Interesting enough, it seams that Q1 and Q2 OD are having the same EDD, making me think that at this point not many if any vin assignments in Q2, most all Q3 delivery batch, maybe they are planning a really large batch that includes Giga TX. MYP White/ Black no Tow no

Bonnet App- my review

Speak EV – Electric Car Forums

Edit* some codes mentioned may no longer be valid, however my referral code for £15 each remains 😀 My review of the Bonnet app as I have now had 2x successful charges. The app is very good and simple to use, I signed up and had a code “FULLYCHARGED” which gives me 200KW free to be used in one month. I selected the £50 a month subscription to get

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger upto 50 Amp, 240V, Level 2 WiFi Enabled EVSE, UL Listed, Energy Star, NEMA 6-50 Plug or Hardwired, Indoor/Outdoor, 23-Foot Cable

2022 Prius Prime or another Model 3?

Model 3

We sold our Ford Flex last year and have been living with one car (2018 M3) for the past 11 months. We’re now ready to buy another car, and my wife’s got a 2022 Prius Prime XLE on order. I was running numbers and given the market adjustment of about $4k, the Model 3 Standard is only $10k more, so I’m working to get her on board with another Tesl

Should I Sell my Volt 2012 after this issue?

GM Volt Forum

I have a 2012 volt that just died on me. Made a noise sounded like something from wheel or transmission and it won’t move. No leaks or anything. When I put in drive it makes wierd sound and won’t move. not sure what’s wrong. Should I sel it as is? The battery is good. Everything in the car works perfect. No other issues. what should I sell it for

Polestar 3 SUV EV First Official Image Revealed!

Monument Polestar has released the first official image of the 2023 Polestar 3 electric SUV. This new model will be built at Volvo’s plant in …

Why Ford Going Online With EV Sales Is a GOOD Thing!

Transport Evolved For as long as most of us can remember, the traditional way of buying a car has involved visiting a franchised dealership.

Introduction | Subscribe and support! | Ford introduced an online element for the Mach E | Traditionally dealerships have the upper hand | Today’s automotive production constraints make dealerships bad places for customers | The issue of ADMS | ADMs hurt automakers | Where Ford finds itself | Ultimate choice for customers | It won’t be plain sailing though10 chapters


372 Miles Of Range Polestar 3 EV SUV Coming Soon

DPCcars Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car company, has announced its world premiere of their next car, the Polestar 3 …

Left headlight stays on after software update

Model S

I just updated software to 2022.12.3.16 and walked out to the garage afterwards and my left headlight is on. I tried turning off the lights, a soft reboot, and a hard reboot, and the light remains on. Any ideas? I guess I can try to navigate my way through Tesla’s automated phone system, but I wanted to see if anybody had any ideas before I go …

Modifying an 11 inch GE motor

DIY Electric Car Forums

Ok guys, I have an 11 inch GE forklift motor that I would like to modify for Higher voltage. Here are the 2 things I know… 1) the armature has to have the high speed bands cut into it. For this I would take the armature and put it on a lathe and cut slot bands into it. Two rows. But my question is.. What type of material and resin do I use to

Porsche Acquires eBike Drive System Manufacturer Fazua – Auto Futures

“porsche electric car” – Google News

2022 BMW iX1 Electric Compact SUV – Interior, Specs, Release Date

Electric Vehicle Forums

Hey! What do you think about the recently revealed BMW iX1? Here is my blog post about it. 2022 BMW iX1 – Specs, Features, Interior Regards, Learn EV

Advent’s Methanol-Based Fuel Cell Unit Contributes to a New World Record set by ARM Engineering for Both Electric and Hydrogen-Powered Cars – WDRB

“renault zoe” – Google News

Democrats walk tightrope in push for electric vehicles – The Hill

“electric vehicles” – Google News

Democrats walk tightrope in push for electric vehicles  The Hill

California study of fast-chargers finds poor reliability, many “nonfunctioning”

Green Car Reports

A University of California Berkeley study of EV fast-chargers points to serious reliability issues for charging infrastructure in the nation’s biggest EV market. The study (via Automotive News) looked at 181 DC fast-charging sites in the greater Bay Area, covering 657 individual chargers. Of that total, 72.5% were found to be functional, which is


First new small VW group EV! Is the Cupra Urban Rebel the VW ID2 brother or an electric Polo GTI?

Autogefühl This is our in-depth review of the Cupra Urban Rebel (small EV). We’re taking a look at Exterior, Interior and technology. ▻Follow ..

Software version?

Fiat 500 Forum

Trying to establish what software versions exist. So far have three: FCA-MY21.R17P.2-PROD. (la prima – UK) (unknown – Poland?) FCA-MY21.R17.16-PROD (la prima- UK) FCA-MY21.R17.101-PROD (la prima cab – Netherlands) Would also be interested to see: Have you set a profile, if so can you set a second profile? Are you experiencing resetting of …

Flash Drive: 2023 Toyota Sequoia

Clean Fleet Report: Hybrid & Electric Cars

2 hours

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia competes against the Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Suburban/Tahoe and the Nissan Armada, but is the only hybrid, will appeal to those looking for a more efficient, comfortable full-size SUV for family trips or just running around town The post Flash Drive: 2023 Toyota Sequoia first appeared on Clean Fleet Report. Visit <a h

Types of Electric Cars | carwow – carwow

“bmw i3” – Google News

ID.4 Sedan Heralds New VW Product Development Process – Ward’s Auto

“vw id.4” – Google News

Chevy Bolt Fire Recall Update: Q1 2022 NHTSA Progress Report Numbers

Plug and Play EV In our latest look at the Chevy Bolt EV fire recall update, we check progress across the two distinct population sets (2017-’19 and …

Uber Freight and Waymo Via partner to accelerate the future of logistics

Green Car Congress

Uber Freight and Waymo Via announced a long-term strategic partnership to connect their technologies and deploy autonomous trucks at scale on the Uber Freight network. This partnership brings together the power of Waymo’s autonomous driving technology with the scale of Uber Freight’s network and leading marketplace technology, unlocking a roadma

Baidu’s driverless test vehicle rear-ended during normal driving

Self-Driving Cars – Look reddit, no hands!

submitted by /u/Evangelistis [link] [comments]

BYD says it is about to start supplying Tesla (TSLA) with battery cells

Tesla | Electrek

A BYD executive revealed that the Chinese company is about to start supplying Tesla with battery cells. more… The post BYD says it is about to start supplying Tesla (TSLA) with battery cells appeared first on Electrek.

How Safe Are Systems Like Tesla’s Autopilot? No One Knows. – The New York Times

“tesla” – Google News

How Safe Are Systems Like Tesla’s Autopilot? No One Knows.  The New York Times

Kísérleti gyártósort épít a Solid Power a szilárdtest akku gyártásához

Viszonylag rövid időn belül már a második olyan akkugyártó startupról hallhatunk, akik talán sikeresen tudják leküzdeni a szilárdtest akkuk előtti utolsó akadályt. Mindez pedig a tömeges méretű sorozatgyártás beindítása. Eddig egyedül az izraeli illetőségű QuantumScape jelentkezett be hasonlókaliberű bejelentéssel, mint amilyet nemrég a Solid Pow

Une croissance de +100% dans le monde pour la voiture électrique

Tesla Magazine

Un marché de la voiture électrique qui va exploser selon l’observatoire De Gaulle associés avec l’AVERE. Tesla Magazine fait le point.  Qu’est-ce qui ressort de cette étude ? Selon les indicateurs de l’Avere-France, le développement de la mobilité électrique s’est accéléré et est désormais mondial. En 2021, la voiture électrique représente 12 % de

CUPRA showcases three new electrified models for the next three years

Electric Cars Report

CUPRA has revealed the future of the brand – which was establsihed just four years’ ago – with three new electrified models joining the line-up by 2025. To date, the brand has delivered close to 200,000 units while its turnover has grown from 430 million euros in 2018 to almost 2.2 billion euros in 2021, far […] The post CUPRA showcases three new

All electric cars by 2035? Is it possible? – FOX 59 Indianapolis

“electric cars” – Google News

FIRST DRIVE | The 2022 Honda HR-V wants a piece of the crossover pie – TimesLIVE

“hyundai kona” – Google News

An ideal basis for planning: Range display in Audi electric cars gives a reliable picture – Automotive World

“audi electric car” – Google News

Ford & Tesla Indicate EVs Might Be Selling Themselves

Tesla Archives | CleanTechnica

Last week, a piece in Bloomberg told us that Ford is looking to do what Tesla does: not spend on advertising. Why? Because its EVs are already sold out for two years. With a second manufacturer considering ditching traditional advertising, it’s looking like EVs could be selling themselves, or that traditional advertising isn’t what it […]

BlackBerry to develop intelligent cockpit for upcoming Renault EV – HT Auto

“renault electric car” – Google News

Zeekr 001 Test Drive and Impressions – Best New Chinese EV?

Crossing China Zeekr is a Geely sub-brand EV that is only currently available in China. They only have this one model at the moment. It seems …

VW’s CUPRA to launch three electric models by 2025 – Reuters

“vw electric car” – Google News

Looking under the hood of the zero-emission vehicle industry – The Hill Times

“zero emission vehicle” – Google News

Here’s Why the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro is the BEST EV Truck to Buy in 2022

YAA Electric Here’s everything you need to know about the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro: …

China’s BYD to Supply Tesla with Batteries ‘Very Soon’, Says Exec

Battery supplier BYD in China says it will be supplying Tesla with batteries “very soon”, according to a senior executive speaking to state media on … Read more The post China’s BYD to Supply Tesla with Batteries ‘Very Soon’, Says Exec appeared first on

Even misrepresented, Michigan Senator makes case for electric car amid record gas prices – Green Car Reports

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Microplastics Can Transport Parasites to Oceans, Impacting Wildlife and Humans

Green Living Consultants, Companies, Electric Car Expert, Green Living, Electric Car News, New York, California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Nevada

Microplastics are a pathway for pathogens on land to reach the ocean. It can lead to consequences for human and wildlife health, according to a study from the University of California, Davis. The study, published today in the journal Scientific Reports, is the first to connect microplastics in the ocean with land-based pathogens. It found […] The

MG ZS EV and Honda City e:HEV comparison: Electric vs Hybrid – The Financial Express

“honda electric car” – Google News