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Tesla Model Y – Is the cheapest RWD the best buy?

Tesla Model Y - Is the cheapest RWD the best buy?

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

I purchased a Tesla Model Y RWD, which has the smallest battery, slowest charging and least performance in the Model Y range. But I think this is the best buy and in this video I go through why the RWD is probably the one to choose. The long rage model costs £8,000 more and the only differences are in the powertrain. Most new buyers focus on range and there the differences aren’t as much as you’d first think due to the different charging profiles on the battery packs. The RWD has a LFP battery that needs to be charged to 100% at least once a week. The AWD LR model should only be charged to 80-90% unless you’re about to embark on a long journey. The RWD car at 100% SoC will do the same range as the LR car at 85% SoC. So if you charge at home, for the majority of the time there’s no difference in range between the two models.
I hope this video helps new Tesla buyers.
Tesla specs can change, so do check. This car was new in December 2023 and this video was filmed in February 2024 and currently the specs have remained unchanged.

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00:00 Intro
00:57 2024 model
02:04 Price
02:20 RWD vs LR differences
04:32 Battery packs & range
09:54 Charge speeds
10:49 Motors
12:09 Performance
13:53 Options
16:07 Outro

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