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Tesla Model Y LFP charging speed tested. Does it reach the claimed 175kW?

Tesla Model Y LFP charging speed tested. Does it reach the claimed 175kW?

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

In this video I look at the charging speeds and curve on a 2024 Tesla Model Y RWD with the LFP battery. This is a UK vehicle and all our right hand drive Model 3 and Y’s come from Gigafactory Shanghai and the LFP packs currently have the CATL cells, so not to be confused with the BYD Blade LFP packs currently in the US made cars.
I am charging at the v3 Tesla Superchargers at Oxford Redbridge Park & Ride and arrived at 4% state of charge. Tesla quote that the Model Y RWD has a charging speed of 175kW. In this video, I show that it does indeed reach that (albeit not for long) and it only took 28 minutes to charge from 4% to 80%. So even though the RWD charging speed is low (175kW vs 250kW on AWD models), its not too shabby and still charges fast enough.

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00:00 Arrived at 4% SoC
00:46 Conditions & initial ramp up
02:29 Charge rate already dropping
03:26 Curve more important than peak
04:14 Oxford Redbridge charging hub
04:39 at 34% SoC
05:05 at 47% SoC
05:40 at 57% SoC
06:03 80% rule
07:48 Supercharger costs
09:45 at 72% SoC
10:04 at 76% SoC
11:13 Outro
11:46 at 80% SoC

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