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Tesla Model Y Refresh On HOLD: Buy NOW or Delay? It’s Easy

Tesla Model Y Refresh On HOLD: Buy NOW or Delay? It's Easy

Video by Adam Wellinformed via YouTube

Why Tesla, Why? Want to know when the refreshed model y release date is? Well this should give you an insight into when it isn’t going to be! Plus we talk about your Tesla EV options if you’re in the market for a new car, why the 2024 Tesla Model Y could still be the best option to buy.

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00:00​ Intro
01:28 Why Was 2024 A Release Date For Project Juniper?
03:12 Tesla EV Options in 2024
05:42 Is Tesla Honest About 2024 Model Y Project Juniper
07:37 Concluding on if you should buy the 2024 Model Y Today

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