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Tesla News – FSD Recall and v11.3 Update Notes

Tesla News - FSD Recall and v11.3 Update Notes

Video by Tesla Trip via YouTube
Tesla News - FSD Recall and v11.3 Update Notes

Enabled FSD Beta on highway. This unifies the vision and planning stack on and off-highway and replaces the legacy highway stack, which is over four years old.

Added voice drive-notes
Expanded Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) to handle vehicles that cross ego’s path. 

Improved autopilot reaction time to red light runners and stop sign runners by 500ms

* Added a long-range highway lanes network to enable earlier response to blocked lanes and high curvature.

Tesla drops CCS adapter to $175, making it easier for universal fast charging

Tesla is forced to ‘recall’ all Full Self-Driving Beta with update, NHTSA says may cause crash

Here are NHTSA’s four main issues with FSD Beta:
1. traveling or turning through certain intersections during a stale yellow traffic light;
2. the perceived duration of the vehicle’s static position at certain intersections with a stop sign, particularly when the intersection is clear of any other road users;
3. adjusting vehicle speed while traveling through certain variable speed zones, based on detected speed limit signage and/or the vehicle’s speed offset setting that is adjusted by the driver; and
4. negotiating a lane change out of certain turn-only lanes to continue traveling straight.

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