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Tesla removed parking sensors. How does the “vision” only system measure up?

Tesla removed parking sensors. How does the

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

In this video I look at the new "high fidelity park assist" system that Tesla has finally introduced by an over the air update. Tesla removed the USS (ultra sonic sensors) on their vehicles over a year ago but did this before they had a working software alternative. They initially released an update that replicated what parking sensors did, which I show in the first part of this video. Then in December 2023 they introduced the new "high fidelity park assist" (as part of the Christmas 2023 update) which was very welcomed and actually works pretty well. Its still not as accurate as physical sensors on the bumpers, but it does pickup more objects and gives us an idea of Tesla’s intentions of a vision only parking assist and its impressive.

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00:00 New cars have no sensors
00:47 v1 vision park assist
03:02 Christmas update
03:34 v2 "high fidelity" park assist
07:01 McD drive thru
07:35 Parking in bays
08:12 Not for cars with USS
08:43 Tesla’s vision and future direction
10:03 Outro

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