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Tesla Robot Attacks? | Tesla Time News 382

Tesla Robot Attacks? | Tesla Time News 382

Video by Now You Know via YouTube
Tesla Robot Attacks? | Tesla Time News 382

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Tesla Robot Attacks an Engineer! – 2:04
Tesla Vermont – 3:49
Tesla Megafactory in China – 5:24
Model Y Pulls Trailer – 6:10
Tesla Energy PAYS Homeowner – 7:25
Tesla Loses Swedish Court Appeal – 8:37
Model Y Becomes Best Selling Car in Sweden – 9:27
Is Elon Really Turning Off Customers? – 10:28
Sondors Goes Into Receivership – 12:42
Cybertruck Roundup – 15:00
Cat-Ears NLR Review – 20:46
Lytehorse – 22:12
Trevor Milton to Serve 4 Years – 22:33
Aptera Update – 24:35
Tesla Mobile Powershare Connector? – 25:32
Who’s Adding NACS This Week? – 27:35
Oh No My Tesla is on… Steam? – 29:04
Vinfast Switches Sales Model – 30:47
How Many Companies Does it Take…? – 33:03
Chevy Blazer Software Problems – 35:20
Lyriq & Blazer to Lose Tax Credit – 38:54
Car Dealers Sign Up For Tax Credit – 39:43

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