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Tesla Time News 350!!!

Tesla Time News 350!!!

Video by Now You Know via YouTube
Tesla Time News 350!!!

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JB is Back & Optimus Will Be Huge – 1:43
Cyberquad Trademark – 4:00
Rimac Nevara: Slow? – 5:24
Tesla Files For LFP Pouch Cell Permit in China – 8:01
Tesla to Start Monitoring Yawns? – 9:33
Ford’s BlueCruise Price Hike – 11:54
Silverado EV Gets a Range Increase – 15:12
Elon Says 250k Cybertrucks Per Year? – 18:18
What’s That? – 20:25
Micromobility Europe 2023 – 21:42
Talaria Sting Review – 22:35
Tesla Coming to India? – 23:52
…Or Maybe France? – 25:19
Tesla Wins in Delaware – 26:19
Munro’s New Pickup Truck – 28:25
Lightning Round – 31:08
We Recycle Solar – 33:07
Bridgestone Debuts Recycled EV Tire – 35:54
Solar Gazebo – 37:23

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