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Tesla Tops the Charts | Tesla Time News

Tesla Tops the Charts | Tesla Time News

Video by Now You Know via YouTube
Tesla Tops the Charts | Tesla Time News

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Disrupting The Labor Shortage | Interview with Mike Bell from Miso Robotics:

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Tesla Opens Charger Design – 3:26
Zoom Coming to Teslas – 7:18
Tesla: Best Selling Cars in California – 9:17
Tesla Also Best Selling in China – 11:04
Boring Tunnel Under Austin? – 13:32
Tesla’s Quicksilver Up Close – 15:15
Tesla Semi Unveil Event – 16:17
Tesla Semi Frunk Revealed – 17:35
FALSE: Giga Shanghai to Export to U.S. – 19:09
Cybertruck Jobs are Being Posted – 20:47
Metacycle – 21:31
Miso Robotics – 22:27
Shotwell To Head Up Starship & Starbase – 25:11
Volvo EX90 – 26:43
Foxconn Invests More in Lordstown – 29:12
2023 Kia EV6 U.S. Pricing – 29:54
Israel To Get Thousands of Teslas Soon – 32:15
Into the Future – 34:06
Going Green – 36:44
Sun Spots – 40:19

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