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TeslaBot Will Cost $20,000 | Tesla Time News

TeslaBot Will Cost ,000 | Tesla Time News

Video by Now You Know via YouTube
TeslaBot Will Cost ,000 | Tesla Time News

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Meet TeslaBot – 2:05
What Else We Learned at AI Day #2 – 6:36
Tesla’s Q4 Delivery Goals – 9:44
GigaBerlin at 2000 Model Ys Per Week – 13:18
New Maritime Starlink – 14:23
Cybertruck is a Boat – 16:52
Sondors Metacycle First Impressions – 19:05
Arcimoto Cuts Payroll Costs – 23:40
Boring Company Proposes San Antonio Tunnel – 24:41
NIO Opens First Battery Swap Station in Germany – 27:24
Tesla’s Used Car Business 28:39
GM’s Lyriq Recall Stops Orders – 31:08
VW ID.3 & ID.4 Battery Pack Defect – 32:57
3 New BYD Models Coming to Europe – 35:54
Tiago.ev To Sell for $10,000 – 36:58
GOING GREEN! – 41:17
SUN SPOTS – 45:44

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