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Teslarossa Ep11 – Test drive in the Swiss Alps

Teslarossa Ep11 - Test drive in the Swiss Alps

Video by Electric Classic Cars via YouTube
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We really enjoyed making this episode so hope you all like it.

In this episode it’s time to put the 2 electric Ferrari Testarossas through their paces on the twisty mountain roads of the Swiss Alps. The instant torque of the Tesla motors, coupled with the Tractive semi-active suspension from Raceshocks-UK have turned these awesome GT cars in to road hugging sportscars that are just at home on the autobahns as they are on the hairpins of a mountain pass. The aftermarket wider 18" wheels and the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres help ensure these cars stick to the road like glue.

What we’ve created here is a very rare car indeed. It’s a GT that’s also a sport car. What other cars can claim such a title?

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