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Tesla’s MASSIVE Spring Update Revealed! (Hands-Free Trunk & More!)

Tesla's MASSIVE Spring Update Revealed! (Hands-Free Trunk & More!)

Video by Adam Wellinformed via YouTube

Unveiling all the new features in the upcoming software update 2024.14 for the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, X & S together with some exclusive Cybertruck features. We’re talking Sentry Mode update, to Tesla Arcade, New Tesls UI and of course, Hands-free trunk for the very first time. Lets review all the new features and discuss what’s next.

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00:00​ Intro
01:34 Announced Full List of 2024.14 Tesla Software Update
02:21 New Tesla Model 3 & Model Y User interface
03:22 Auto-Shift Beta Software Update
03:57 Audible on Tesla and Spotify updates
04:23 Tesla Hands-free Trunk upgrade
05:26 Tesla Sentry Mode Preview On Smartphone Update
06:13 Tesla Model S & X Highway Efficiency Software Upgrade
06:34 Tesla Rear Screen Power Saving Update
06:57 Undocumented Hidden 2024.14 Tesla Software Update Extras
07:07 Tesla Re-routing Suggestions
07:31 Tesla Speed Camera Chime
07:53 Tesla Average Speed Monitoring System
08:14 Other Smaller Tesla Updates and Tesla Arcade Updates
08:50 Exclusive Cybertruck 2024.14 Tesla Software Update
09:38 Concluding Analysis Review of 2024.14 Tesla Software Update

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