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Tesla’s Sentry Mode & Dashcam features (a beginner’s guide)

Tesla's Sentry Mode & Dashcam features (a beginner's guide)

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

In this video I demonstrate the dashcam and sentry mode (CCTV) in a Tesla. These systems use the car’s 7 cameras to capture footage, whether that’s while you are driving or while the vehicle is parked.
The dashcam function constantly records while you’re driving, just like a traditional dash cam. But on the Tesla, it records from the front facing camera, both side cameras and the rear facing camera.
The Sentry mode is the security CCTV system which records from all the cameras, including the internal camera, while the vehicle is parked. You can also remotely access these camera from the Tesla app on your phone.
All of this video footage is saved to the USB drive in the glovebox. This is why Tesla’s gloveboxes do not have a button to open them and you can add an additional security PIN to it as well.

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00:00 Intro
00:29 What is Dashcam?
00:56 What is Sentry Mode?
01:12 Glovebox security & USB stick
02:50 Using Dashcam
04:32 Dashcam settings
05:25 Dashcam in operation
06:54 Dashcam retrieval
07:54 Sentry mode settings
09:11 Sentry mode in operation
11:45 Sentry mode reliability
12:47 Remote control in the app
14:18 Outro

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