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Testing Kingaroy QESH EV Rapid Charger & First Time Running Out of Charge | What Went Wrong?

Testing Kingaroy QESH EV Rapid Charger & First Time Running Out of Charge | What Went Wrong?

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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Testing Kingaroy QESH EV Rapid Charger & First Time Running Out of Charge | What Went Wrong?

I take an EV road trip from Brisbane to Kingaroy return to check out the new Tritium RTM75 DC EV Rapid Charger recently installed as the first charger in the stage 3 expansion of the Queensland Electric Super Highway.

The day started out so well but ended late into the night as I run out of charge and needed not one but two emergency charging sessions to make it to Kingaroy. I’m sharing the challenges (and fun) of this trip in the hope everyone gets some learning’s on how to avoid this happening to you.

This trip showed me even a seasoned EV road tripper can get caught out with unfamiliar roads and a reliance on EV Charging infrastructure that didn’t match my electric vehicle. Was there a better way? And what is it? Stay watching to find out.

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Tritium RTM75:
Kingaroy Star Motel:
The Lavender Farm at Pottique
Tarong Closures:
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00:00 Intro
00:35 Brief history and first opening of the Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH)
00:55 Current number of EV Chargers in the Qld Electric Super Highway Network
01:12 Brief overview of planned road trip from Brisbane to Kingaroy to visit new QESH EV Charger
02:05 Back-up plan for emergency charging including 10 amp & 15 amp portable EV Chargers & type 2 to type 2 lead
03:53 $0.30 Cost of energy or electricity when charging using the QESH EV Chargers on the Chargefox network
05:08 First emergency charging stop in Nanango with 10 amp portable (granny) charger
06:00 Finding EV Chargers using PlugShare App
07:00 PlugShare EV drivers recommended the Nanango Star Motel as a friendly, charge location for travellers.
07:42 Arrival in Kingaroy to charge using first new EV charger in Stage 3 rollout of QESH
08:45 Location and facilities at Chargefox station number 4365 in Qld Electric Super Highway Charger at Kingaroy
09:45 Tritium RTM75 Charger station #4365 on the Chargefox Yuika EV Network
10:35 MG ZS EV charging at maximum DC charge rate of 75 kW’s on Tritium RTM75 charger
10:54 Paying for EV charging via Chargefox App, RFID card or Tap to pay or contactless payment as future option.
12:08 Electricity infrastructure at Kingaroy QESH charger location.
12:38 Chargefox Station # 4366, Siemens 22 kW Type 2 AC EV Chargers at Kingaroy – BYO Type 2 lead.
14:25 Kingaroy EV Rapid charger wrap up and thanks to everyone involved in install.
15:46 Back home after a big day travelling Brisbane to Kingaroy return.
16:10 Brief insights on Kingaroy and it’s history with peanut growing.
17:20 Summary of the EV road trip to Kingaroy including total klm travelled, consumption, energy costs etc.
20:28 Detailed look at the specifications of the Tritium RTM75 DC Rapid EV Charger.
22:55 Optional 3 in 1 contactless card reader on Tritium RTM 75.
23:10 EV Drivers want tap n go payment at all EV Chargers.
25:05 How I got into trouble on this EV road trip and run out of charge.
25:42 Introductions to Turtle Mode and zero percent battery left.
26:25 Calculating my EV road trip distance, consumption and required energy.
29:28 Tesla type 2 charger options along the way.
30:00 Decision to do a short emergency charge in Nanango at Nanango Star Motel.
34:33 Hitting Turtle Mode and emergency charge at Coolabunia and The Lavender Farm at Pottique.
36:39 Finally made it into Kingaroy, found the EV rapid charger and started charging with one percent state of charge.
37:25 Learning’s from this trip running out of charge and better alternative routes and options.
39:00 Which route did I take to go home to Brisbane?
39:48 Slow 15 amp charge at Moore while having dinner at Kai Café.
40:25 Bundamba Evie Ultra Rapid Charger at Bundamba.
40:35 Bundamba charging stats and cost, including tip for having a backup charging plan.
43:33 Thanks to Electric Car Australia supporters and links to PayPal and Patreon.

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