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The $25,000 Electric Pickup Truck!!

The ,000 Electric Pickup Truck!!

Video by Fully Charged Show via YouTube
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The ,000 Electric Pickup Truck!!

The Radar RD6 Electric Pickup truck is the latest EV from Chinese automaker Geely. However, the Chinese car market isn’t known for its love of pickup trucks so how does this latest model, available from just $25,000 stackup? Elliot took it into the mountains to find out!

0:00 – What’s the appeal of a pickup truck?
0:48 – Introducing the Geely Radar RD6 Pickup!
1:27 – An affordable electric pickup?!
2:10 – Let’s put it to the test
3:20 – Design vs practicality
4:22 – Range?
4:57 – What’s in a name?!
5:33 – Interior
8:06 – Driving up into the mountains
9:25 – A small complaint
10:10 – Lotus’ cousin?
11:05 – Off Road?
12:00 – 0 – 100km/h?!
12:54 – A Swiss Army knife not destined for Shanghai
13:38 – A tea plantation and what not to like?
14:35 – R is for..Romance?!!

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