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The convenience of EVs can’t be beat–the story of a family who went all-electric

The convenience of EVs can't be beat–the story of a family who went all-electric

Video by Plug In America via YouTube

After seeing so many EVs on the road and hearing about their instant acceleration, Juan, from Gilbert, Arizona, wanted to test one. What started as something fun to try led to significant benefits for his family.

He purchased his first EV in 2021. Later, when it came time to get another vehicle, Juan and his wife found that going all-electric was the best option. “We live in the outskirts of the city, so we have to drive two, three miles to get to the closest gas station. For convenience, my wife and I decided, ‘Hey, why not get two electric cars?’”

In addition to the benefits of owning EVs, Juan reflects how the federal EV tax credit allowed his family to afford two EVs. "Being able to use the federal tax credit not only made it possible for us to acquire one electric vehicle but two."

To learn more about the federal tax credit, visit

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