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The EV Show by Ludicrous Feed on Wednesday Nights! | Wed 28 Feb 2024

The EV Show by Ludicrous Feed on Wednesday Nights! | Wed 28 Feb 2024

Video by Ludicrous Feed via YouTube

Catch up on the latest in Electric Vehicle news from Australia and around the world! Hosted by Tom Gan of Ludicrous Feed aka Tesla Tom aka BYD Tom

CORRECTION: Apologies to The Driven who were also present at the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N track day, representing "EV media"

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carloop – Australian EV Data & Ownership Trends

carloop – real NEV ownership trends backed by real data


The weekly Ludicrous Feed Live Stream show highlights the current state of electric vehicle adoption in Australia | Interviews with key industry leaders | Tracking the progress of each state and territory in Australia | Comparing Australia’s EV growth against the rest of the world

Listen to this episode via podcast:


With thanks to Elliot Richards for joining us tonight!

As always, many thanks to our regular guests:

Riz Akhtar from Carloop

carloop – real NEV ownership trends backed by real data

Rahul Prasad


00:00 Introduction
03:26 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Track Day
11:17 Grid Serve
14:46 BP Pulse Porsche Taycan Safety Car
18:50 Elliot’s SC-01 video
23:46 Fully Charged Live UK
24:46 Tesla Model 3 Performance
29:07 2024 Tesla Roadster
30:35 Celebrity Cybertruck
34:06 Cybertruck towing
35:16 Tesla AU FSD Transfer Amnesty Window
35:38 Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Discount on Model 3 and Y
38:08 Superchargers coming to Orange
46:48 CATL battery production price reduction
49:15 Chargefox feedback
51:05 NewVolt truck charging network plans
51:25 Toyota BZ4X SUV Launch in Australia
56:06 New MG EV vehicle spied for testing in Australia
59:30 INEOS Fusilier
1:00:47 The demise of HiPhi
1:05:08 Renault 5 E-Tech
1:07:16 Lucid News
1:08:26 Rivian News



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Ludicrous Feed is a Sydney-based YouTube channel that started in 2018 after Tom purchased his Tesla Model S. He wanted to show the reality of Australian daily life with his family and an electric vehicle. Tom provides straightforward candid insights into key issues around EV adoption such as vehicle range, charging infrastructure and road trip planning. The weekly live stream is an opportunity for industry guests to directly engage with audience members from the EV community. Tom also has a Tesla Powerwall 2 coupled with rooftop solar and has reviewed many other electric vehicles for the channel including brands such as Tesla, BYD, Polestar, Volvo, MG, Hyundai, Genesis, Kia and Cupra.



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