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The Future of Vehicle Recycling – Cars stripped, boxed and on eBay within hours!

The Future of Vehicle Recycling - Cars stripped, boxed and on eBay within hours!

Video by The Late Brake Show via YouTube
The Future of Vehicle Recycling - Cars stripped, boxed and on eBay within hours!

Ever seen a car recycling depot so futuristic? Cars stripped, boxed and on eBay within hours! In this episode a very enthusiastic Jonny Smith was invited by eBay parts to visit what could be Europe’s most advanced vehicle recycling depot. Charles Trent in Dorset together with eBay are at the forefront of car dismantling, using data and the latest tech to champion Certified Recycled Parts (CPR) that are carefully inspected, used OEM components. Why? Because by buying a fitting pre-owned OEM parts, there’s far less energy and CO2 in manufacture compared to new parts, they WILL fit and the cost is far lower. For more info go here:

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In this salvage yard tour episode Jonny also follows the full strip down of a Tesla Model S dual motor and a new 2019 Mini Cooper. The ‘disassembly lines’ showcase this brand new factory style method of dismantling cars for salvage and parts re-use. Within a few hours the parts will have come off the car, been catalogued, photographed, packaged, shelved and uploaded to eBay for purchase. Many of them can be delivered next. It’s an impressive system, and one that champions a circular economy (and doesn’t rely on supply chains of new OEM or pattern parts).

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Filmed and edited by: Phil Vaughan Pritchard
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant

Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98

0:00 Intro
1:43 Car’s fate decided
2:40 Meet the boss
3:18 The fuel farm
4:00 Fluid removal
4:50 High value dismantling
7:35 Tesla battery removal
8:20 Tesla motor removal
9:15 Vehicle disassembly line!
10:50 Stripping stations
11:58 2019 Mini Cooper STRIP DOWN
14:36 The big tilt arm
17:22 Giant engine dishwasher
17:49 Photo booth
18:25 What sells?
19:05 5500 car parts removed per week
19:44 Amazon style warehousing

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