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The LOVE Bus. Why we still ADORE VW’s retro ID.Buzz |

The LOVE Bus. Why we still ADORE VW’s retro ID.Buzz |

Video by Electrifying via YouTube

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Full Volkswagen ID.Buzz review:

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Depending on your point of view, this is either an icon reborn for the electric era… or a rather expensive electric van with extra seats.

The reason why we’re revisiting the Buzz a year on is because things have changed. Quite a bit. Not with the Buzz itself – that’s pretty much the same. It’s the bits you can’t see that have changed. Unless you’ve been living in a skip for the last 12 months, you’ll know that the electric car market has been turned on its head. 

We’ve gone from there not being enough cars for buyers… to there being not enough buyers for cars. Which for us is A VERY GOOD thing.

Let’s start with availability. When we first went live with our original video, you couldn’t get a Buzz for love nor money. Believe me, I tried both. If you wanted a two tone car like this, Volkswagen was quoting a delivery time of… a year and a half. And if you did want to jump the queue and get one immediately, well… you’d be looking at shelling out more than seventy five grand. Yep, Buzz fever was kinda nuts. 

Today, that’s all changed. According to Volkswagen, if you order a new one today, you’ll get it in around 12 weeks. Not 12 months. 12 weeks. 

And it’s not just the lead times that have changed. The finance situation is also quite different to what it was just 12 months ago. 

If you’re a private buyer and use Volkswagen’s own PCP scheme, you’ll get a £5,500 deposit contribution without even having to haggle. Volkswagen like to dress this up as a ‘dealer contribution’, but let’s be honest here – it’s a five and a half grand discount. Which you certainly wouldn’t have got a year ago. 

And if you’re a business user and want contract hire, you’ll be looking at £399 – plus VAT – a month for one of these. That’s pretty good.

Join Nicola as she takes a second look at the Volkswagen ID.Buzz.

Volkswagen ID Buzz
Battery: 77kWh
WLTP range: 250 miles
DC Rapid charge: 175kW
AC charge: 11kW
Boot: 1,121 litres / 2,123 litres
Towing: 1,000kg


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