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The massive Kia EV9 gets the Flaviana treatment

The massive Kia EV9 gets the Flaviana treatment

Video by Andrew Till / Mr. EV via YouTube

The mood in the car is as bad as the weather. After a weekend living with it, do Flaviana and Aurelia warm to the enormous six-seat Kia EV9 GT-Line S? And what do the chickens think?

Stay tuned for Andrew’s full review coming soon.

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00:00 – A mood that matches the weather
01:23 – The Barf Machine
05:35 – Where’s the on button
06:46 – Going for a drive in the pissing rain
09:33 – Parking
10:56 – Massage seats
12:08 – Seat swivelling
12:55 – Comfort
14:24 – Design
17:20 – Access
19:02 – "Definitely not for us"
23:51 – Seat adjustments
25:31 – Driving back
29:29 – Chickens
30:33 – Final thoughts


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