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The New 2023 Pak Yak Truck ( Changli Truck )

The New 2023 Pak Yak Truck ( Changli Truck )

Video by Electric Import Motors via YouTube
The New 2023 Pak Yak Truck ( Changli Truck )

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Wow, Its been a minute since we have had a new video but we are excited to show you all the new updates on the 2023 Pak Yak. Its still the Electric truck you love but with a few new upgrades that are worth it.

This thing is ridiculous and fun, the Pak Yak is a more serious take on a Chines Electric Truck. Did we mention it has a hydraulic dump? We love this thing and think you will too. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

We want you to enjoy your Truck or car hassle free, no need to worry about, shipping, taxes, duties, customs, selecting the right box on importation forms, broker fees and the list goes on. Fun should be Fun.

Thanks again for watching this video we thought we would also drop you a discount on t shirts from our sister company Resto Gear. and use the code PAKYAK20 and check out for 20% off your order.

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