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The New Pak Yak Utility ( ChangLi) is here.

The New Pak Yak Utility ( ChangLi) is here.

Video by Electric Import Motors via YouTube
The New Pak Yak Utility ( ChangLi) is here.

The Newest Pak Yak is here the Pak Yak Utility. This new ChangLi truck might be a mini truck but it packs a punch. This new addition to the Electric Import Motors line up might just be the perfect vehicle for you. All the amazing features of the Pak Yak Pro with some amazing bonuses.

In this video we do a complete walk through of the vehicle. Really showing off the extended bed that can convert to a flat bed. This new truck with its stout bed and extend bed size is the perfect vehicle for so many applications. University Campus vehicles, security, construction, camping, airports, ranch or large property and so many more.

At Electric Import Motors our goal is to get you an awesome mini ev with out all of the hassle of importing them yourself. We make the processes seamless and easy by dropping the vehicles right to your door. For more info head to

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