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The OnePlus 12 is the Coolest phone ever seen…

The OnePlus 12 is the Coolest phone ever seen...

Video by JerryRigEverything via YouTube

The OnePlus 12 has some rather exquisite internals. Check current price HERE: From Jan 23 to Feb 22, use the special code JERRYRIGGIFT, and receive a free gift from OnePlus with a purchase. Huge thanks to OnePlus for sending over a phone and sponsoring this teardown. Rarely do we see substantial improvements in the smartphone space. But this year, OnePlus has released a dual heatpipe smartphone system that can wirelessly charge at 50 watts. Going from 0 to 50 percent charged in just 23 minutes. Not to mention the fact that the OnePlus 12 can charged wired with 80watts. Thats a huge deal.

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