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The Q6 E-Tron Is Audi’s Most Important Electric Car Yet!

The Q6 E-Tron Is Audi's Most Important Electric Car Yet!

Video by Fully Charged Show via YouTube
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The Audi Q6 E-tron is quite possibly the first electric vehicle from Audi that has made us stop in our tracks and take notice as, whilst Audi aren’t new to the world of Electric Vehicles, this is the first one they’ve put on a brand spanking new EV platform – the PPE (Premium Platform Electric). Why is that exciting, we hear you cry?! Bespoke EV architecture means, not only a firm commitment to developing EVs, but it unlocks the scope to include a plethora of super exciting technologies and fit for purpose, thoughtful user experience design. Imogen tried not to swoon too hard at the 800V architecture, 270KW Charging, 220 KW of Regen braking, reduction in rare earth metals, the substantial space and weight saving in the motor and batteries, or the 625Km range.. You can be the judge of whether or not she succeeded! @everythingelectricshow @fullychargedshow

00:00 Introduction: A bit controversial
00:57 What’s so special about this?
01:38 Exterior
04:21 It’s all about the platform…
05:36 Interior
08:20 Price
09:01 Backseat Test
10:03 Boot Space
11:21 800V Architecture, Charging Speed & 0-60
12:50 Battery & Range
13:48 Concluding thoughts

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