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The top 20 best selling Electric Cars in the world in 2022

The top 20 best selling Electric Cars in the world in 2022

Video by The Electric Viking via YouTube
The top 20 best selling Electric Cars in the world in 2022

The top 20 best selling Electric Cars in the world in 2022

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Tesla Model Y might become world’s best selling car in 2022

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China’s most awesome EV looks like a futuristic electric Cadillac

The 10 best & 10 worst states to own an EV in the United States

GM, please bring this electric SUV to Australia, I want one!

Mass production of GM’s Ultium battery cells begins in the United States

GM patents it, BYD builds it – the world’s first dual charging EV

She promised! Mary Barra has 47 days to deliver 17 new GM EVs

Man murdered at GM’s Electric Car factory in the United States

GM is forcing buyers to pay $1,500 for an ‘optional’ subscription

GM says it can’t meet EV tax credit made in US requirement

Wall Street & US investors DO NOT believe GM’s EV claims

Mary; ‘GM execs pay based on EV sales’ WAIT, what?!?

More than 70,000 GM Bolt EVs are still UNDRIVEABLE

GM discounting Bolt EV & giving 4yrs free finance

GM’s CEO Mary Barra is either getting high or INSANE

GM’s NEW cobalt deal looks bad from where I’m sitting…

GM just bought a Tesla Model 3 to benchmark this feature

InsideEVs: ‘Bolt EV battery recall bonus!’ Wait, what?!

GM’s Q1 disastrous, Tesla up 93%; CNBC says bad result!

GM claims its manufacturing Ultium Cadillacs – I call BS

GM’s new China EV business will make BILLIONS

Mad Mary says GM will OVERTAKE Tesla before 2025

World’s fastest electric motor can be adapted to run in a Tesla

Tesla’s NEW H4 computer likely to use super high resolution radar

Stock market manipulation using Tesla should be prosecuted

Tesla using no-cobalt LFP batteries way more than we thought!

Tesla’s global market share GROWS – here’s the numbers

Tesla is the fastest growing company in history

Elon Musk earns another $23 billion – analysts left speechless

Tesla’s new MEGA battery signals the end for COAL power

WOW! Tesla destroys VW. BYD overtakes, now world’s 2nd largest!

Tesla is eating German auto alive – it’s about to get much worse…

Tesla tells why 4680 Model Y has ONLY 279 mile range

Tesla China refutes shutdown rumors – re-opening date leaked

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