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The ultimate road trip EV? Tesla Model 3 Italian road trip: part 2

The ultimate road trip EV? Tesla Model 3 Italian road trip: part 2

Video by Andrew Till / Mr. EV via YouTube

After a fairly rocky start in part one (, will we warm to the Tesla Model 3 driving back from Italian Alps to England? Here’s what we did in the mountains (walking and eating primarily), the journey home, and our painfully honest concluding thoughts.

And yes — this was back in 2022 and it took me this long edit it. So there will be things Tesla may have fixed by now!

Unfortunately I completely forget to look at efficiency and mileage during most of the journey, so the video isn’t as saturated with stats as my normal road trips. I blame the Tesla making that information less visible than other EVs. And perhaps it’s just a little easier to forget about all that stuff when the whole experience is just that bit easier?

I’d love to know your thoughts about our journey in the comments, including the typical angry Tesla owners telling me what I did wrong, and the Tesla haters telling me Elon Musk is evil and Teslas are rubbish.

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00:00 – Italian Alps: Day 1
6:55 – Italian Alps: Day 2
10:49 – Italian Alps: Day 3
13:16 – Off to Switzerland
15:38 – Autoverlad Vereina
17:45 – Swiss Heidi Hotel, Maienfeld, Switzerland
21:58 – Trying to use a car wash in German
23:50 – I don’t trust Heidi
25:06 – Trying the dog to the vet
26:29 – Leaving Swiss Heidi Hotel
26:52 – We don’t need more cowbell
30:16 – Supercharger Pratteln
32:02 – Hotel Vaillant, Sélestat
34:13 – Leaving Sélestat
35:18 – Supercharger Nancy Sud
38:44 – Auto wipers are rubbish
39:44 – Novotel Reims Tinqueux
43:57 – The ugliest sunglasses ever made
47:55 – Future Flaviana…
49:07 – "Play the album Abba’s Greatest Hits"
50:57 – Le Shuttle, Calais
51:55 – Brexit!
54:39 – On the train
55:37 – Final thoughts

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