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This car drives us mad… Lexus RZ450e Long Term Report | Electrifying

This car drives us mad... Lexus RZ450e Long Term Report | Electrifying

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Lexus RZ450e Long Term Report:

After running a Toyota bZ4X for three months, Tom has had an upgrade to the Lexus version. The RZ450e has the same battery and front motor, but the rear motor is more powerful. The looks are different and it’s less of a rufty-tufty off-roader too. But some of the Toyota’s flaws have been carried over, it seems, as Tom wonders where all his electricity is going.

Being a Lexus, the RZ is beautifully built and has lots of interesting technology. You also know it will work all of the time and that the dealer will be nice to you. That’s enough to convince a lot of people – especially those who have been driving rivals previously and spent time waiting for recovery truck, or been handed the keys to their £70,000 car in a tent and been told to use Google to see how it works. It really happens.

The claimed range is 252 miles, but in three months of running the Lexus, Tom has never seen a number beginning with a two. Except when it’s gone down to twenty, which is does often. And when it’s gone down to just two, which has happened a couple of times….

That’s the real issue with this car. It has 65kWh of usable battery capacity, which means the efficiency is 2.5 miles per kWh. That’s at least 1 mile per kWh less than cars we have tried in the real world with similar size and performance. That means Tom is charging more often and it’s costing a lot more too. If you went back to the old days, it’s like having a car which does 23mpg rather than 33.

Which means Tom is a little torn. Does he love or hate his ‘leccy Lexus?

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